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How can we help you?

  1. Call or get help online now using NHS 111
  2. Get fast help from a pharmacist
  3. Consult with your Doctor online
  4. Book a telephone appointment online or book with reception on 01780 782 342

NHS 111

Check your symptoms, visit NHS 111 online.

Call 111 at any time, 24 hours a day. You will speak to NHS professional staff who will help guide you on any medical issue.

Calls are free from landlines and mobiles.

Get fast help from a pharmacist

Your pharmacist can help with various conditions such as minor cuts, sprains, aches, colds, headaches, rashes, cystitis. Pharmacist help, including a local pharmacy search tool.

Consult with your Doctor online

Answer a few short questions and we will get back to you within 2 working days.
See Consult with your Doctor online for further information.

Booking a telephone consultation on-line

If you have on-line access via our website or the NHS app you are able to book a telephone consultation with a GP. The time of the appointment is very approximate as some GP’s do all their calls at the end of their surgery.

What to expect from our GP or clinician when booking a telephone appointment

When you book a telephone appointment with a GP, your name is added to their patient list for the day. You are asked to record your up to date telephone number, when best to contact you, and the nature of your enquiry.

Clinicians often have 40 or more calls to make in one day and they will do their very best to contact you as near to your scheduled time as they can, but there may be delays in the event of a medical emergency.

On most days we contact patients back the same day, rarely calls must be delayed until the next working day. We do NOT respond to calls booked onto the system when the surgery is shut. Sometimes clinicians chose to message (text or email) patients instead of calling them when an answer appears straightforward.

You can imagine it is extremely frustrating both for patients and staff when patients do not answer their arranged calls.

It is important that you keep your phone with you AND ON at all times to ensure you don’t miss your booked appointment.

Calls start from the surgery from 8:00 am and may continue until 6:30 pm.

What happens if I miss my call?

We understand that calls may be missed from time to time.

If you miss your call the clinician  will attempt to you call you once more, if you miss a second call then we ask you tore-book your appointment.

If you have opted for a message then the clinician may text or email you, to inform you that you have missed your appointment.

The date and time of your failure to respond to a call will be recorded in your clinical record.

In summary the GP the GP will call you twice. If you miss both calls it will be your responsibility to rebook another telephone slot.

Please do not ask reception for a specific time as the GP workload for that day cannot be predicted.

Thank you for your co-operation