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Free Falls Prevention Service in Wansford

The Healthy You Falls Prevention Service is a free service funded by Public Health at Cambridgeshire County Council. Our aim is to help prevent falls and falls related injuries.

We offer falls assessments which help identify falls risks before they become a problem. If falls risks are identified, a falls action plan will be created and onward referrals to other falls prevention services can be completed if required.

We are also offering a free, weekly strength and balance exercise class in Wansford. FaME is the name of the exercise programme which has been proven to improve strength, stability and confidence in balance. It is a national programme, delivered by specialist qualified instructors who understand the age-related changes that occur in the body and the medical concerns you may have. The exercises are specifically developed to help keep you strong, steady, and doing the things you enjoy for longer. The classes are a great way to meet other people, receive support and build motivation.

Before accessing the class, you will be required to have a one-to-one appointment with the instructor to find out about your health and medications. You will also be asked to complete some simple functional tests to identify your starting point for exercise.

One to one sessions will be held every Monday at Wansford Community Hall on Peterborough Road in Wansford. The classes themselves will take place at The Christie Hall on Elton Road in Wansford and will begin in June.

If you have fallen or have felt unsteady during the last year, please contact us on 0333 055 0095 to book an appointment. You can also contact us via email [email protected]

In aging, maintaining balance and core stability is the single biggest thing patients can do for themselves to prevent falls.
Dr Nally, Wansford Surgery GP

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