COVID19 Vaccination programme

The roll-out of the Covid19 Vaccination Programme has begun ...

Cohort 7 and 8 patients (added 9th March)

Patients in cohorts 7 (60 to 64 year olds) and 8 (55 to 59 year-olds) are currently being contacted either by letter or text by the National Booking Service inviting them to book their vaccination at mass vaccination sites or at a community pharmacy.

As per our recent updates, our current priority, as set out by NHS England, is completing the vaccination of patients in cohorts 5 and 6 along with any in the top 4 cohorts who, having previously not taken up the offer of a vaccination have subsequently changed their minds.

When we have completed the vaccination of these groups, we will be able to invite patients in cohort 7 to be vaccinated at our vaccination centre. Cohort 8 patients will then follow upon completion of the vaccination of cohort 7.

We ask that cohort 7 and 8 patients do not contact the surgery to ask when they will be vaccinated.

When more vaccines become available, the vaccines will be offered to other people at risk as soon as possible. Please don’t contact the NHS to seek a vaccine before then.

If you have not yet been approached about having the Covid19 vaccine, please read the information: Covid19 vaccination, why you are being asked to wait. Further information on the Coronavirus Vaccine.

Please continue to abide by all the social distancing, wearing of face masks and hand hygiene guidance, which will still save lives.