On-line Patient Services

We use a secure website called Systmonline which provides:

To access this service you will need to register for an account prior to your first log in:

How to Register for Systmonline

  1. Visit the Systmonline website
  2. Click on 'Request Access to Online Services at Wansford Surgery' and complete the online form.
  3. Once this form has been submitted you will have to provide proof of identity (photo-ID for the person making the application or alternatively a birth certificate if no photo ID is available) at reception before access to online services can be granted.

You can only apply in person and once a patient reaches their 16th Birthday they will be required to Register themselves for an access code, to comply with confidentiality regulations.

Additional Information

Before applying for Patient Online Services, we would appreciate if you could read our guidance leaflet.

We reserve the right to withdrawn this facility to any patients that are misusing the system.

All data contained within SystmOnline is protected using the highest standard internet security so you can be sure all your personal information is safe and secure.

Are there any other Online Services I can use?