NEWSLETTER Spring 2024

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Here at Wansford Health Campus we are involved in various research studies. Click on this link for more information

Reception Team update

Introducing our reception team! They play a crucial role in
the smooth functioning of a GP practice, serving as the first point of contact
for patients and contributing significantly to the overall patient experience.
Their responsibilities extend beyond traditional reception duties, encompassing
a blend of administrative, interpersonal, and organisational tasks.

One of the primary responsibilities of GP receptionists is to greet patients
and visitors, both in person and over the phone. They are often the first point
of contact for patients seeking medical assistance. The team manage the
scheduling of appointments, ensuring efficient use of the doctor and nurse’s
time and minimising patient waiting periods. They will sign-post to other
services if appropriate.

They perform initial triage by assessing the urgency of a patient’s condition.
This involves gathering basic information about symptoms and working to a
protocol designed by the doctors to ascertain if a condition is urgent for an
‘on-the-day’ slot. They handle various other appointment types (e.g. blood
tests, cervical screening, dressings, injections, health checks, routine GP
appointments, and routine follow-ups. Additionally, they coordinate with other
healthcare professionals for consultations and referrals (e.g. they can book
appointments with podiatry, physio and nurses who are based at the City Care
Centre in Peterborough who offer times more suitable to the working

Our receptionists also have administrative responsibilities and include
registering new patients, maintaining patient records, updating contact
information and managing electronic or paper-based filing systems. They can
also handle prescription queries and liaise with other health professionals.

Maintaining patient confidentiality and adhering to healthcare regulations,
is paramount for our reception team.  They handle sensitive information
and must ensure that it is protected and disclosed only as required by law.

Receptionists juggle various tasks simultaneously, such as answering phones,
managing appointments, and handling administrative duties. Effective time
management is key to ensuring the efficient flow of operations.

Our receptionists often encounter challenging situations, such as dealing
with upset or anxious patients and handling emergencies. Quick thinking and
effective problem-solving skills are essential for navigating these situations
and maintaining a positive atmosphere within the practice They also take a fair
amount of abuse from patients and we remind patients that we have a zero tolerance
and ask that you are polite and respectful.

With the integration of electronic health records and digital communication
systems in healthcare, GP receptionists need to be technologically proficient.
They use computer systems to schedule appointments, update patient records, and
communicate with other healthcare professionals.

In summary, GP receptionists are integral members of the healthcare team,
contributing to the overall patient experience and the efficient functioning of
a medical practice. Their diverse skill set, ranging from interpersonal
communication to administrative prowess, makes them vital in creating a
positive and organized healthcare environment

The Reception Team

Melissa (Reception Team Leader, Isla, Susan, Tracy, Juliet and Lea

Patient Survey results

In January we conducted a patient survey. We had a huge response with over 2000 replies. We have collated the responses and will shortly be publishing short videos (on this website and via Facebook) to address some of the comments from patients.  We found it to be a very useful exercise and plan to conduct an annual survey.  


A big hello from the clinical pharmacy team.

Clinical pharmacy team?  Who are they and what do they do…you ask.

The team comprises of 2 clinical pharmacists (Dipak and Arvind, both are prescribers), 2 pharmacy technician (Lewis and Steph) and two repeat medication clerks (Lindsey and Kim). We are a different team to our colleagues in Wansford Pharmacy, but we do work very closely together.

In a nutshell we deal with all medication queries and issues within the practice.

This includes;

Medication reviews

Hypertension (blood pressure) reviews and medication changes

Sorting out hospital letters and issuing appropriate medication

We answer medication queries from patients

We provide medication and prescribing guidance to the practice team i.e. the Doctors and nurses

Sort out blood tests for medications that need regular monitoring

Update patient’s records with blood pressure and weight etc, to ensure your medication continues to be safely prescribed.

If you have a medication query then contact reception who will then add you to our daily list. We will do our best to sort the query out on the day and may call you to discuss further.


You may have seen in the press that there is a rising number of MMR cases nationally. If you are not sure of your immunisation status please contact the surgery and we will check your records. We can offer the MMR vaccination free of charge should you require it.

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