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A message from Dr Brennan

This summer marks my sixth year tending to patients in the wider community of Wansford and Kings Cliffe Medical Practice.  It will also mark my farewell.  It has been a privilege being part of the community.  Meeting patients, their family members, their companions, and meeting a multitude of volunteer research study participants.  All the while, working alongside the wide-ranging skilled team at Wansford and an exceptional Primary Care Research team.  I will move optimistically to a new medical team in Oundle, closer to my own home and young family.  I will always remain most grateful for my time spent at Wansford and the courtesy shown to me as one of your local doctors.

With my warmest wishes for good health and happiness in the future,

Dr Laura Brennan

Let’s talk about 💩

Your next poo could save your life.

‘Use the bowel cancer screening kit when you’re sent it, because if it catches something early like it did with me, it could save your life.’

Daniel’s cancer was caught early thanks to him using a life-saving home-testing kit which detects signs of bowel cancer before you notice anything wrong.

‘When they analysed the polyps (small growths), cancer was in one of them.

They caught it as a very minor tumour and it hadn’t spread. Without the screening I wouldn’t have known it was there.’

Daniel had the tumour removed from his bowel and is now happily in remission.

Millions of people in England have been sent a life-saving home testing kit, and are being encouraged to use and return it.

If you’re aged 60-74 (lowering to 50 by 2025) and are registered to a GP practice, you will be automatically sent a test in the post every two years.

If you’re sent a bowel cancer screening kit, put it by the loo. Don’t put it off.


Please consult your pharmacist who will give you advice and recommend treatment.

Research update

The team here at Wansford have successfully finished the Moderna Covid19 Omicron Vaccine trial which ran from February 2022 until the last patient attendance in April 2023. The study was hugely successful in helping develop the Omicron specific vaccine used in the NHS Autumn booster campaign in the fight against Covid. Participants from across the Greater Peterborough area were involved as well as further afield.

We also have participants taking part the GSK RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus + Flu) study. This is a 6 month study and will be due to finish at the end of June 2023. The RSV and flu seasons occur at the same time in the Winter season. In this study, we gave both the RSV and Flu vaccine in combination or separately (one month apart). The study aimed to find out how the body responds in each case and was looking to understand the safety of having both vaccines together. Once the study has been completed across all the sites taking part the results will be published when available.

In a separate RSV study (AReSVI-006), that we have been participating in for the past 2 years, a ground breaking announcement was made on 3RD May 2023 by the FDA in the USA. Please do look at the press release link below:

We are sure the UK will be seeking approvals in due course so watch this space.

Thank you to all the participants who have taken part in trials with us over recent years – looking at the results of just these ones we have highlighted may encourage others to get involved. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for future trials please email [email protected]. We have a number of interesting upcoming studies. We will share specific details of each trial when we get approval from the study sponsors to do so.

Breast screening can save lives. 4:10 patients decline this vital screening

We have had some positive feedback from a patient who attended Kettering Breast Screening Services. She was very impressed with the department and everyone was lovely. She said that the parking isn’t easy so you should allow some extra time for this.


Patients who do not show up for their appointments is on the increase. Failure to attend your appointment results in other patients having the wait longer to see a doctor or a nurse. Every GP apppointment costs the NHS around £50. Multiply this for our practice alone and we are talking £30,000. Obviously there are legitimate reasons for failing to turn up but these are few and far between. The message is – if you no longer need it, cancel it.

Phone statistics – on average we answer approximately 300 calls per day. We do try and answer calls within 2-3 minutes (hopefully less).

We have also introduced a ‘call-back’ option.

Shingles awareness

Older adults are at the highest risk of Shingles infection, with 24-30% of individuals developing shingles over their lifetime. As individuals age, the waning of their immune system prevents immune-response to varicella zoster virus allowing for reactivation of the virus in later years. Additionally, older adults are more likely to have additional immunosuppressive conditions leading to comorbidity with shingles. Without preventative interventions, Shingles can cause painful, debilitating symptoms that can limit the functional ability of individuals and place additional burdens on healthcare systems.

Vaccination has proven effective in preventing shingles and its complications for years post-vaccination. The prevalence of shingles in populations will continue to impact a significant proportion of older people if there is no change to supportive policy. As vaccination remains the most effective preventative measure for shingles, there is an urgent need to have shingles vaccination included in national immunisation programs and supportive policy. This promotes vaccination throughout the life course, thus providing a mechanism for preventative care and healthy ageing. Contact the surgery to check your eligibility.