Newsletter December 2022

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Research Updates

Exciting things have been happening in the Research department over the last few months. The team have been working incredibly hard to offer our local population access to the newest research studies. We have taken part in delivering large scale coronavirus vaccine trials, the latest one being the development of a Moderna Omicron Variant vaccine. This was a very successful trial which saw this particular vaccine being licensed and used now in the NHS Autumn Booster programme.

Another very exciting study currently running at Wansford is the development of a vaccine to fight against the RSV Virus (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). RSV is a common contagious virus affecting the lungs and breathing passages. It is one of the major remaining infectious diseases for which there is currently no vaccine or specific treatment. Older adults are at high risk for severe disease due to age-related decline in immunity and underlying conditions.

Preliminary results show that the vaccine was effective especially in protecting against severe disease that can lead to hospital admission. We are very proud to be taking part in the study. 

A big thank you to all our volunteers on our trials who take part in order to test and help develop new vaccines and medications to treat specific diseases which are safe and effective. Currently we have over 350 active participants! If you interested in further information about Research or would like to take part in trial in the future then please contact the Research Department on 01780 781623 and leave your details so the team can be in contact with you as new trials commence.

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Wansford Pharmacy Update

This last year has carried on where Covid left off, bringing many challenges to Wansford pharmacy.

Our staff have proved resilient and we are managing to keep our much-valued pharmacy progressing where others nationally are struggling.

We have a winning mentality and are keen to promote our list of pharmacy services, some of which commenced this month.

Our core service, the dispensing prescriptions will always be our top priority. Our internal monitoring is showing we are managing to sustain a quick turnaround of acute prescriptions (those from recent GP or other healthcare professional interactions – appointment or phone triage) with these prescriptions being ready for collection after 4pm that very same day. 

For repeat medications we would like to remind you that ordering is via the surgery’s dedicated repeat order line 01780 783 994 (9am till 11am Mon to Fri), or by using the surgery website (registration necessary at the surgery), or via the NHS/SystemOne APP. All repeat orders placed before 11am on each working day will be ready after 4pm 3 working days later (i.e. if you order before 11am Monday your repeat prescription will be ready after 4pm Thursday – subject to stock availability).

We are always available to offer minor ailment advice as standard.

The pharmacy shop is also undergoing a transformation. Our range of purchasable medications and other items are going to be more focussed on our aim to deliver expertise and value to the patients of Wansford Pharmacy. Our pharmacists are often the first point of contact so we want to maximise the benefit for our local community and attempt to relieve some of the pressure on our GPs and other surgery staff. 

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To this end we are part of the surgery triage team for those calling the surgery each day. The pharmacist can offer their expertise for certain medical issues and offer over the counter advice and direct patients to self-treatment. If there is a necessity for a prescription only medication they will liaise with the surgery to obtain the appropriate treatment.

We also now offer FREE blood pressure checks for anyone over 40 who do not take blood pressure medications and subsequent Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (24hr blood pressure testing) for those showing regular elevated blood pressure, and emergency hormonal contraception (aka the morning after pill).

Our pharmacy also offers the following private services: weight management, and sleep disorder support (currently for snoring or excessive daytime sleepiness – insomnia support is coming soon).

Thank you for your custom and patience during these challenging times.

We are excited at the prospect of delivering an even better service to Wansford and our extended local community.


We are pleased to report that our revamped reception team is now complete. We are lucky enough to have taken on some experienced receptionists who have worked in general practice before. General practice is like no other environment and it takes a certain set of skills to be effective. We also have other members who are ‘learning on the job’ so we ask you to bear with us and be patient with newer members of the team – they also have to learn.


It is not too late to get your flu jab! It is important (this year more than ever) to be protected against the influenza virus. You may also be eligible for pneumococcal and shingles vaccinations. Please check with reception. Both the pneumo and shingles are one-off jabs.

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